Network and IT Services


Outsourced IT Network Services


MPS can support all IT Managed Services for your business. With MPS, you will have peace of mind when it comes to your technology and IT Service needs. If your company is having an issue, MPS will help you resolve it with online, over the phone or on-site with IT Service Professionals.


Who handles the IT in your organization? Can your organization afford to staff a full time IT person? That is a luxury that most companies do not have. Do you have an employee that knows about computers or knows a little about networking? Downtime is expensive. It can hurt credibility and take time away from essential business tasks. Small businesses need a support team they can trust to provide advice, resolve issues quickly, and, where possible, proactively correct issues before they become problems.


Without reliable IT support, business activities can stall and cause bigger problems. But hiring an internal IT staff is risky and expensive. When you need a complete business IT solution, MPS can take all the risk and responsibility away from you and insure network uptime and resolve all issues in a timely manor.

MPS can help with specific projects or be your complete IT solution.. If you're looking to replace your current IT support organization, we would be happy to assist in a network site evaluation.


Areas of expertise include:


- Network consulting
- Installation and upgrades
- Ongoing maintenance
- Network and solution design
- New Installations and moves
- Network security
- IT managed services


Home Based Computer Service

Virus and spyware, hard drive crashes, blue screens, hardware failures. These disasters can happen no matter how careful you are. You can rely on MPS and our certified technicians to get you back up and running, and fast! If you need an expert computer service technician on site, or prefer to bring your computer to our repair facility we can facilitate your needs. Maybe your system is simply running slow, and you would like to improve your computer's performance, upgrade your hard drive storage, setup a wireless network, or just learn how to use your computer more effectively, we can help!


- Virus and Spyware Removal

Is your computer running slow, acting erratic, or prompting you to buy a fraudulent virus program with hundreds of pop-ups? It could be a virus. Laptop or desktop, new or old, properly functioning and updated antivirus / anti-spyware software is a necessity. MPS can provide you with the latest software at a reasonable price that will protect you from a potential virus issue.


- Onsite Service

Call us to set up a time that fits your schedule and MPS will come directly to your home to resolve your computer troubles right in the comfort of your home or office! We offer same-day emergency service.


- PC/Laptop Upgrades


New technology is available every day. Don't let this scare you, we can help you make an informed decision so that you don't waste money on something that you don't need or won't ever use. We are here to help you find what upgrades or new technology will help your system run more efficiently. Even if your system fairly new, you may need a few upgrades to maintain your growing collection of music, photos, movies, files, or video games. Have questions? Call us! We are always a just a phone call away!


- Home Networking/Wifi Setup

Do you have two or more computers, laptops, or printers that you want connected? A network allows you to share files, printers, your Internet connection, and much more. A wireless (Wi-Fi) network is easy to setup, and will allow you to connect all of these devices in your home, without the messy wires. Call us for a free estimate and find out if this will make sense for you.


- Internet Security

Do you have sensitive data or personal information on your computer or laptop? Let us help you protect your information. A firewall, will help keep intruders from getting anywhere near your computer and accessing your private data. Protect yourself and your family with help from MPS.


- Prevenative Maintanince

When was the last time your computer had a tune-up? If it has been more than four or five months, it may be time for a checkup. Temporary files can build quickly, your hard drive can become fragmented, and dust can collect burning out your cooling fans or power supply. We have a checklist of items that we run to make sure the job is done thoroughly. We want your computer to run like new, the way it should!









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